Title Faust Stop Motion Marionettes

Date 2021

Series Faust


Pen and ink on archival pigment print
Framed 22x28”

Faust Stop Motion Marionettes

The figure of Faust comes from a late medieval German folk tale, widely thought to be based on Johann Georg Faust, an alchemist, astrologer, and magician.

In Goethe’s version, Faust undergoes a spiritual transformation, seen mainly in his choice of women presented during the play, starting with the lowly Gretchen, rising to Helen of Troy, and finally, to his praise and adoration of the biblical Mary. In Part II, he achieves redemption and is released from his famous pact with the devil.

The image was redrawn from Guillaume La Perriere’s “Morosophie,” 1553.


Faust Stop Motion Marionettes