Artist Statement

My artwork revolves arounds ideas relating to iconography, archetypes, mythology and similar systems of meaning. My latest series focuses on the symbolism found in medieval alchemical manuscripts. Alchemy was inherently a spiritual practice, the stages of the chemical processes also metaphors for the stages of personal transformation.

For each piece in the Alchemy Series, I photographed a quiet, everyday space which afforded solitude and invited introspection. Each photograph suggested to me one “stage” of spiritual transformation, which I then translated into an alchemical symbolic image found from medieval manuscripts. I drew these using pen nib and traditional inks. Some of these works also have gold or silver leaf embellishments to emphasize the chemical applications intrinsic to the art of alchemy.

The final image becomes a window for the viewer to explore the ancient meanings, associations and weight of the alchemical symbol within a contemporary context, providing one with a new symbolic vocabulary for a personal journey of transformation.