Collaboration with Jeanne Jaffe

I’m excited to announce a new collaborative project with sculptor Jeanne Jaffe.

Last winter, Jeanne and I began to combine her sculptural figures and my writing experience to present a new stop-motion series using popular tales and myths to explore pressing issues in contemporary society.

Currently, we are in the process of filming Jeanne’s beautiful figures inspired by Lewis Carroll’s classic, Alice In Wonderland, as they navigate a dystopian society ravaged by climate change. This project aims to identify and address these global concerns, as well as provoke discussion and solutions on a local level.

Stop-motion is labor-intensive, and it has been a pleasure using this time to learn the intricacies of the art form while also exploring marionette handling, stage sets and props, and filmmaking techniques such as editing and sound. Incorporating these new skills with our different artistic backgrounds, we aim to connect people through a unique and memorable visual experience.

Our plans include expanding into live performances with a portable stage at community centers and galleries throughout Miami. We will also be offering creative workshops on oral storytelling, writing, and staging of these “miniature narratives.”

For more information, please explore our new website and sign up on our mailing list: